Remarkable Bath - Hostile to Women

Keller, Texas 1 comment

I called this company to get an estimate for my bathroom after seeing it on TV and the person scheduling the appointment asked me if when my husband would be there so they could give the estimate.It is not any of their business if I am married or not but they insisted that "my husband" be present.

I am a single woman who does not need a husband to get an estimate to remodel my home. I asked if they could just then give me an idea of what it would cost then no one would have to waste their time if I could not afford to do the work and I was told that they could not give one to me since each bathroom is different.

That is just foolish - a bathtub and shower wall has to be same all over the world a company who says they have installed millons should have an idea.They just did not want to work for me and that is fine but does the company have to be so hostile to women?

Review about: Re-Bath.


Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #161229

With your attitude I wonder why you are unmarried.

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